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Seeing the World Through Different Eyes-Writing Hints

Show Don't Tell

I know you've you've heard this one before-Show Don't tell. Even though it is one of the most talked about tips, lots of people don't know what it means. Let me give you an example.

The woman was beautiful.

That 's an example of 'telling'. Telling is a big no no. For instance,'beautiful' can mean many things to different people. Some people may think a purple eyed 10 foot alien is beautiful.  Try to 'show' the reader what it is you're seeing.

She slipped out of her coat, exposing her curved torso, her dark blue eyes scanning the room, wondering where he was.

That is showing.

Another hint is to stick to the story and don't try to impress the reader with every fact you've ever learned. Be straight forward and let your story be what they fall in love with. Although, describing the sky and its colors  can add a bit of texture, going on and on about it will only distract the reader.


Conflict in a Story

Tension, wanting more, excitement, conflict are the emotions that keep the reader motivated to keep reading, wanting to know the outcome.. Without tension and conflict, your reader will lose interest and move on to something else. 

  • Make sure that you're clear about what the protagonist's conflict is. I've written quite a few stories and books and what has happened to me is that about a third way through, I start wondering where I'm going, what am I doing. Even I don't remember what it was that got me to writing the story in the first place. That is a sucky place to be. It is the land of the lost, I'm afraid.
  • Writing is about knowing yourself. It's about reaching down into your gut and being willing to let the reader know your story. So, pull your boots on and NAME IT. Tell it like it is. 
  • What happened to you? What do you want to share about that experience with your readers? What is the dilemma that you faced and how did you overcome it? That is your story and it's got everything. Now you just need to sort it out on paper and create the struggle/conflict and the resolution.
  • What is the issue driving your main character? What about them gets in the way of solving their problem? Just a few things to think about. I don't think it's easy to really look at your characters because, you have to really look deep at yourself. 


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