Amara Cudney Author

Merili's Wine


Merili's Wine tells the story of a young woman who appears to have the perfect life. But, everything changes after her parents are suddenly killed in a freak plane crash. She becomes a recluse and turns to alcohol. 

Her friend Lisa becomes concerned and tries to get her back to her life. She invites her to a party and introduces her to Dan, a young and brilliant doctor. The energy between them is hot and fiery, sometimes out of control.

They live in a 'dream world' acting as if everything is fine that is  until things begin to crumble-or do they?

This is an honest story about the struggle between addiction and sobriety. It's not an 'everything ends up beautiful in the end' story. But, it does end up 'real' and you'll find yourself falling in love with Merili and the characters she meets along her way in Hawaii where the book is set. This is an important book for our time and will have you crying as well as laughing at the absolute humanness of the story.

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Falling Into The Shadows


This story came to me after Dylan Roof murdered 9 people  at Emanuel African Church in South Carolina for no reason. I couldn't get the story out of my head. I couldn't stop thinking about why would someone do this? What drives them? I'm not sure I got a clear answer. Prejudice runs so deep in our society, and it's difficult for someone like me to truly understand the impact one suffers but I gave it my best. I love this story and I hope you will too.

When Simone and her family are attacked by a car full of Southern white men, she determines to dedicate her life to change things for blacks in the South.

Chase, whose daddy smacks him when he roots for a black baseball player, turns inward and later turns to drugs to fights depression and loneliness. When these two find themselves intertwined in each other's lives, under circumstances no one could have predicted, what happens isn't what the reader might expect.

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The Heart of Forgiveness


Forgiveness is the doorway to healing. Many of us spend our lives angry and full of resentment. In The Heart of Forgiveness you'll discover how to release the toxic negativity of anger and resentment from your life.

When I began writing this book, it was because I knew that I had to learn to forgive myself and others. The tools in this book will help you to focus more on your own needs and re-assess how you were looking at things. I hope this book becomes a tool for your life to change  positively. Life is for loving, not for anger and hate.

In The Heart of Forgiveness, you'll find  tools that you can begin using right away to begin to forgive others and yourself.

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Bonnie's Surprise


What does Jeff do that turns Bonnie's world upside-down? After all, he just wanted to be nice and have her over for dinner. But, what happened at dinner changes their relationship and brings challenges neither one of them anticipated. Now, things are getting interesting.

Bonnie's Surprise is a short story about two people who fall in love in the later part of their life. This sweet story shows how it doesn't really matter what age you are;
falling in love is an all-consuming ordeal. Bonnie is sure that her morals have been compromised when Jeff tries to kiss her. "I'm a good Catholic girl after all!" Jeff doesn't give up, and pursues Bonnie with all of his heart and soul. A great story to make you smile and feel good.

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The Broken Road


The Broken road is a compilation of some of Amara’s work. It includes several of her short stories, poetry and previews of her two next works-Merili’s Wine and The Prayer. This is a great read for those that wish for instant gratification. Amara’s stories are poignant, colorful and have the ability to capture the reader’s heart as they get to know her characters. This book is for those that anjoy stories about people who have to overcome obstacles in their lives, contemporary poetry, love and romance stories and a look into the lives of people who must look within themselves to discover what they are truly made of.

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